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Moving into custom work from the street shop

Posted by on 11.04.17

Hey there,

So here's my situation. I got offered an apprenticeship based on my art. I graciously took it. Over time i realized my "teacher" was anything but, and then months in and after my head and hands were fully in, he got himself fired from the studio. Luckily the studio kept me around feeling i got a bum deal, but did not make any teaching efforts. I've been tattooing for a year and a half or so, and feel like ive got a good handle on things. My dilemma is that since the beginning I've always wanted to be more of a custom artist, rather than sticking names and tiny bird silhouettes on people. The shop I'm in is a street shop, and i rarely get to draw my tattoos. I understand that I'm young in my career, a year and a halfish..(I'm 34 in age, with many years of being tattooed), but these tiny crap tattoos are crushing my soul. I'm thinking of quitting the shop, but fear it could halt my new found career that i do have high hopes for. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. 


Turning people away

Posted by on 11.06.17

Hey there, 

I work in a street shop, but I would like to aim more in a custom direction. I truly don't like tattooing certain types of tattoos. Anyone have any good, kind ways of either turning people down or swaying them in other directions?