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Greetings from Finland!

Posted by on 02.12.18

Hei guys!

I'm Michael from Finland. I tattoo in omenArt Tattoo Studio in small town called Riihimäki less than 100 km form Helsinki. 


I have been tattooing for about 22 years now. First 10 went along with my art studies first in Art School and then in University of Helsinki from where I got my masters degree. After that I have been tattooing full time. But to be completely honest I took tattooing more like a regular job until last spring. I did many other forms of art along with tattooing that had nothing to do with my tattoo work but was for me more the way to express myself and tattooing gave my family food for the table. Only resenty I have started to really push my tattooing and gareer as a tattoo artist as my main way to express my artistic visions. I think its mainly because of new patforms to see art like instagram that has opened my eyes to more artistic tattooing and that it is actually possible to be "real" artist doing this medium. 


My goals and hopes for this forum is to get critique of what I do and I try to do all the exercises for you guys to see and comment. 


You can see my work in instagram and facebook @michaelaaltotattoo