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Sergio Rodriguez from Guatemala city Central America

Posted by on 11.24.17

Hi there, im Sergio Ivan Rodriguez Lopez AKA "Serge" im actually 22 years old, 

and in fact today I am serving 2 years since my first tattoo , i start as aprentice whit "Ruben Barahona" owner of Graveyard Tattoo in La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemal and currently tattooing at Grit n Glory at NYC, he was the responsable to make me fall in love with this craft, in fact beacuase of him, i know about Reinventing the tattoo , beacause he bought the book back on the days, and the dvds from guy, he always thought me to keep on going with my aprenticeship, that you will never stop learning, to be hungry about being better everyday, thats why today that im serving 2 years since my first tattoo i buy the 1 year subcrption , because i want to stand out in the game here in Guatemala, and the world, i want to be know because i can create unique and cool stuffs, not just copy and paste tattooer, i wants to be in the top of the game, and i know that with dedication , patience, practice and investing my time and money in my education will be a good beging to my long road in this carrer, currently im working at the City of Guatemala at "Tabu Tattoo Shop & Tattoo Supplies" with Byron Ramirez AKA Big Boy who has more than 15 years in the craft and have teach me a lot just giving me a couple of thips so far, i enjoy a lot drawing with color pencils (prismacolor) also like to draw with HB an B pencils for Black n gray , i like realism and the soulness of black n grey but i would like to give it a twist with surrealism, juts like megan jean morris, that is one of the artist that i admire the most beacuse of her art, also love color tattoos, and the impression that give to people see a full color tattoo even if is a traditional tattoo or a newschool or a organic tattoo doesent matter , i introducing me as a humble artist that want feedback and critique my work, i know i need this to get better so i can be one day an artist know beacause of my surrealism black and grey or full color, my Fan Page is #https://www.facebook.com/Sergiotattooart/ and Instagram is @serge_tattoo .

thanks for reading this small introduction about myself and always open to new things in the craft and new tattoo friends to exchange experience and art :)