Reinventing Tattoo Design with Russ Abbott and Guy Aitchison Reinventing The Tattoo :

Reinventing Tattoo Design with Russ Abbott and Guy Aitchison

Posted on Tue, December 15, 2020


After a 20+ year tattoo career and being at the vanguard of digital tattoo design, Russ Abbott has watched the evolution of tattooing over a long arc. As his workflow shifted to be almost entirely digital, Russ founded Tattoo Smart in 2017 as a platform to connect tattooers to the tools and resources that save them time and give them more artistic possibilities digitally. 

During tonight’s live stream, Guy and Russ will take a look at some of Tattoo Smart’s latest tools with applications to any style of tattooing. They’ll also be joined by two special guests.  Damon Conklin will chat about his shift to Procreate from the perspective of an OG flash painter, and how it feels to see other tattooers using his digital flash now. They’ll also be joined by Biomech Encyclopedia collaborator Brad Wooten who will demo his secret new brush set “Cyberfluidics,” and show how Tattoo Smart is reinventing tattoo design yet again.

Be sure to subscribe to Tattoo Smart’s YouTube channel to see all their upcoming live stream and tutorial videos, and let them know if there are any digital design tutorials you would like to see.

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