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Posted by on 02.03.16

I'm noticing that when I am browsing the forum entries, if I am on the 2nd page and click to read an entry it loads the entry correctly but the menu is set back to the first page. Certainly not a big deal, but it is inconvenient. I'm currently on my IMac running OSX 10.11.1


RE: Forum navigation

Posted by on 03.01.16

Thanks for the note! The forum still needs a good amount of work and cleaning up the interface / making it easier for people to use is a high priority for us! Stay tuned for continuous updates! Any major improvements will be listed in the Feed.

-TattooNOW Aaron

RE: Forum navigation

Posted by on 04.02.16

I also think that the forum needs a cleaner/faster interface. It's kinda weird as it is at the moment.

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