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Posted by on 03.02.16
Anyone having problems logging in on their mobile device or unable to post replies in forum due to no message box? There are multiple sites that all lead to log in: tattooersguild, tattooeducation, hyperspacestudios , I have found is currently allowing me to log in on my phone. It seems the site has some glitches that hopefully will be fixed so we can continue to grow this forum into a useful, informative place to communicate with fellow users. Apparently the BETA subscription was sold to us at a reduced rate as kind of test subjects, I thought it was just on sale. Once the subscription is tried and testing it will be sold at full price apparently. Other things to try if experiencing difficulties is using a different browser or email customer service with your problems. Hope this info helps some others users


RE: Forum Users

Posted by on 03.04.16
Still not able to post on forum using my computer. No message box comes up to type into. Is anybody else experiencing problems posting in forum on their mobile device or computer?

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