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No links to put pics up

Posted by on 12.04.15
I've now notice you can't upload pics from your phone no icons to use just a editor icon guide button. I'm using a android phone on lollipop Samsung s5. The forum isn't best for usability it's one of the worst I've used it's like a early 2001 forum not 2015. No wonder people aren't using it more it's a pain.


RE: No links to put pics up

Posted by on 12.07.15

Thanks for your feedback. We will do some more testing on Android devices in particular to see why the image upload icons would be missing. In the meantime, try using a laptop or desktop computer if you can and see if you have better results. We're still in beta & working on improving functionality, and the forum is high on the list of priorities.

Also if you have been to other forums that you like using & have a minute or two, please pass along some links that we can check out to get an idea of some of the other features you all would like to see.

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