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Trying to post photo of exercise

Posted by on 01.17.16

For some reason I cannot post my photo of 2.2a sacred heart. I click the photo icon then try to click ok then I get a pop up that says the URL is missing. Can you please help with this ? Thanks 


RE: Trying to post photo of exercise

Posted by on 02.01.16

Hoping to bump this as I'm having the same trouble. Keen to get some peer critiques on the go. 

RE: Trying to post photo of exercise

Posted by on 03.01.16

The editor/image upload fields were broken for a little while and have been fixed now. That may have been the source of your problem. To upload an image, click on the little image icon in the toolbar above the text editor. It looks like this (yellow color for highlighting purposes only):

image icon

Once the popup comes up, click on the "Upload" tab:

Upload tab

Once you've chosen your file, make sure to click the "Send It To Server Button":

Once you click that button, the popup screen will change to include some details about your image such as the path, alt text, and dimensions. Add alt text or change the dimensions if you wish but this is not necessary. You can also just click the green "OK" button at that point and it will drop your image into the text editor.

Let us know if you have any more problems uploading an image and we will track down what's happening!

-TattooNOW Aaron

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