LIVE! February 5-6
at Red Tree Tattoo/True Tubes
& Streaming Worldwide
inspiring tattooers in person & virtually with Seminars, Panels, Art Jams, & mayhEm.

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In-Person & Virtual Event

Get Ready for the "Reinventing The Tattoo LIVE" tattoo seminar weekend this February 5th & 6th at Red Tree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio! Reinventing the Tattoo LIVE is excited to feature seminars and panels from Guy Aitchison, Bob Tyrell, Nick Baxter, Jesse Smith, Gillian Marie, Renee Little, Conan Lea, Tony Urbanek and Nick Mitchell live at Red Tree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus Ohio this Feb 5th & 6th! This educational tattoo weekend is brought to you by the creative minds and hosts Guy Aitchison & TattooNOW, featuring nine tattoo artists to fill your brain with a variety of educational tattoo seminars, lectures, critiques, live paint jams, discussion panels and much more on both days! Be sure to join everyone attending and online this Feb 5th & 6th, 2022 for a two day immersive "Reinventing The Tattoo LIVE" at Red Tree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus Ohio!

If you are interested in getting tattooed, contact the artists directly. 

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Reinventing the Tattoo LIVE @ Red Tree Feb 5 & 6





There are limited spots available, so be sure to book your space today to get that artistic upper hand on the artform from the approach to philosophy of various tattoo techniques! All stage events on both event days have been reduced to a simple $25 registration fee. Expert seminar/webinars have a fee from $100-$150. 

Reserve your spot today as space will sell out fast and space is limited.

Special Guests

Guy Aitchison - Beaming in

Founder of Reinventing the Tattoo. Guy will beam in each evening to lead a discussion panel with the days teachers, diving deeper into the lessons and inspirations of the day.

Leading Discussion Panels Saturday & Sunday evening.

Bob Tyrrell

Black and Grey master, Drunk Critique Co-Host, and a major force in the art of tattoo.

Teaching a Skull Tattooing Seminar. Tattooing. Drinking? 

Nick Baxter - Beaming in

Nick Baxter has been teaching his Holistic process for over a decade, and has been inspiring tattooers and painters for over two decades.

Teaching Advanced Layering Webinar.

Jesse Smith

One trick pony Jesse Smith will help you no matter your style. 

Teaching "Calm in the Chaos" Seminar. Recruiting Panel. Tattooing. 

Gillian Marie - Beaming In

With a unique tattoo style, Gillian's tattoos are creating a buzz in the tattoo world. 

Tattooing both days. Open to Q&A. 

Renee Little

Tattooer, Painter, Studio Owner, Fine art Restoration, and Gallery Curating.

Tattooing & Painting both days. Open to Q&A. Studio Recruiting Panel.

Conan Lea

Tattooer. Studio Owner. Entrepreneur. 

The Organized Tattoo Artist Seminar. Recruiting Panel. 

Tony Urbanek

Tattooer, Studio Owner, Tattoo Machine Builder. Tattoo Convention Promoter. 

Tattoo Machines for Sale. Tune Ups. Machine Panel Moderator. 

Nick Mitchell

Illustrator specializing in portraits, now an amazing tattooer.

Caricature Tattoo Seminar. Tattooing both days. 

Fawn Baker

Tattooer. Podcaster. Tech.

RIT Streamers Panel. Tattoo Collecting Podcast recording.

Haley Adams - Beaming In

Tattooer, Studio Owner, Podcaster.  

Discussion Panelist

Durb Morrison

Tattooer, Hell City Producer, Owner True Tubes Tattoo Supply, Red Tree Tattoo Studio Owner, Tic Toc Sensation.

Red Tree/True Tubes Tour. Guest MC, Venue Host. 

Hunter Spanks

Tattooer. Flash Creator. Teacher.

Tattooing Traditional Tattoos. Watercolor Flash Seminar/Webinar.

Jason Leeser

Tattooer. Streamer. RIT Guest Writer.

RIT Podcaster Panel, Webinar Tech, Tattooing

Jordan Rookus

Tattooer, painter, podcaster

Tattoo Collecting Podcast

Reinventing the Tattoo LIVE

Event Stage Pass is good for admission & all stage events. Specialty seminars/webinars have an extra charge.

Saturday February 5th

  •   10- 10:30AM Red Tree/True Tubes

    Doors Open & Meet and Greet

    Check in, take a peek around, and meet like minded artists. Sort through the goodie bag.

  •   10:30-11:45AM Stage

    Panel - Recruiting in the 21 century.

    Join this panel of tattoo studio owners as they discuss what they look for in great guests & residents. Artists - maybe get yourself in the hot seat for a Shark Tank style interview. For studio owners & artists.

  •   12 - 2PM Seminar Room

    The Organized Tattoo Artist Seminar

    Guiltlessly choose your clients, your income, and your free time.
    Show up and jump straight into the REAL practices that make successful tattooers. Successful? How about you being ahead of schedule, rested, wealthy, loved by your community, and home in time to enjoy your people? We will discuss hardware, software, apps, flow routines, scripts, templates, and system building. Also, how to choose your clientele, studio, and fellow artists. Above all, we will set you up to crush the I AM NEVER ENOUGH sense of doom that plagues the malorganized!

    • 90-minute seminar and slide presentation, with a midway potty break
    • 30 minutes of Q and A
    • Attendees will be provided printed materials and are encouraged to take notes
    Conan Lea is a 25-year all-custom tattooer, mentor, studio owner, and inventor of Tattoo Release Forms App. CashApp: $Voluta

    $150: In Person Ticket - Virtual Webinar

  •   2 - 3PM Stage

    Tattoo Collecting Podcast

    So you want a rad tattoo collection, but you don't know where to start.... Fawn Baker, Jordan Rookus, & friends are here to help.

  •   3 - 5PM Seminar Room


    Nick Mitchell will be going over his step by step process of drawing a caricature, as well as his tattoo process, in this seminar.

    $100: In Person Ticket - Virtual Webinar

  •   3PM - ? Durb's Tattoo Booth

    The Tyrrell Experience: Tattooing a Skull

    From start to finish, a skull tattoo by master Bob Tyrrell. CashApp $BobTyrrell26 or $ at door.

    $100: In Person Ticket - Virtual Webinar

  •   7 - 8PM Stage

    Panel - Guy Aitchison with Nick Mitchell, Gillian Marie, & Conan Lea

    Guy Aitchison will dive deep into the days topics with a set of amazing mentors from the Reinventing LIVE day.

  •   8:30PM - ? Stage

    Reinventing the Tattoo Art Jam

    Break out with your favorite medium and join the Reinventing the Tattoo crew for a night of drinking and drawing. Have some fun, think of a few new ideas, network with like minded artists, critique and be critiqued, and enjoy some tasty beverages!

Sunday February 6th

  •   10- 10:30AM Red Tree/True Tubes

    Doors Open & Meet and Greet

    Check in, take a peek around, and meet like minded artists.

  •   10:30-11:45AM Stage

    Machines, Magnetism, & Mayhem

    Tony Urbanek leads a panel of tattoo machine builders as they discuss their craft. Bring your questions and machines for a chance to get the ear of experienced tattoo machine builders.

  •   12 - 2PM Seminar Room

    The Holistic Approach - Advanced Layering Techniques

    With his Holistic Approach seminar, Nick Baxter presents a methodical, scientific method for devising successful tattoo strategies for any scenario. The holistic approach aims to shake tattooists free of rigid and limiting mindsets by presenting the tattoo process in a big picture context, in which any tattooer can find their own unique solutions regardless of genre or style.

    In this condensed 60 minute presentation, Nick will focus on advanced layering techniques as solutions to many of the complex challenges tattooers face while executing large multi-session pieces.

    1 hour lecture with slide presentation, followed by critique and audience Q&A.

    Attendees are invited to submit photos of in-progress or completed tattoos prior to the event, for possible advice and critique on how layering solutions could be applied to either improve the finished look of the tattoo, or bring it to a completed state in future sessions.

    $100: In Person Ticket - Virtual Webinar

  •   2 - 3PM Stage

    Reinventing the Tattoo Streaming Shows LIVE

    #ReinventingDrawingGroup with Jason Leeser & Monday Night Art Nights with Renee Little

  •   3 - 5PM Seminar Room

    Calm in the Chaos

    This is a three part seminar where Jesse will be discussing his Journey as an artist, his Creative Process and how he approaches Color. Throughout the seminar, he encourages his attendees to ask any questions that come to mind and is willing to discuss/share any information that the attendees are interested in. His goal with this seminar is to help spark new direction within each individual's Journey as well as reinforce any ideas/techniques that they may currently be implementing but aren't totally confident in yet.

    $125: In Person Ticket - Virtual Webinar

  •   6 - 7PM Stage

    Panel - Guy Aitchison with Nick Baxter, Jesse Smith, & Renee Little

    Guy Aitchison will dive deep into the days topics with a set of amazing mentors from the Reinventing LIVE day.

  •   7:30 - 8PM True Tubes/Red Tree

    Open House and Tour

    Open to the public (to hear about what they just missed?) Durb will tour the massive facilities, but this time, if you catch the easter eggs you get a chance to win, truly!

Red Tree/True Tubes

904 N. 22nd St.
Columbus, Ohio
Located in the "North Central Water Tower District"
& streaming worldwide.

Stay the night at the

Hyatt Regency Columbus

The same hotel at the Hell City Tattoo Fest, prepare to have flashbacks! 

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Free Goals Consultation

by Guy aitchisonNovember 11th, 2021

Greetings. For Reinventing the Tattoo to be able to help you in the best way possible, let's get to know each other. Answer a few questions here, and the next page you can identify your goals. Every few days we will send you an email with some insights and steps to take to help. There will be links to free content, as well as links to the deep dives in the paid subscriber's course.