Psychedelic floral tattoo Reinventing The Tattoo :

Psychedelic floral tattoo

Posted on Sat, November 17, 2018 psychedelic floral tattooOften I’ll use a combination of line weights in a piece in order to make certain elements pop out the most. In other cases, though, the goal is for something softer and with more of a sense of realism, leaving the additional challenge of making shapes visually distinct from each other without varying line weight. In this psychedelic floral piece I did on Julia, we used relatively fine sculpted lines for certain shapes, including the ornamental plant stuff toward the bottom of the piece, but then the rest of this complex composition was handled using edges, not lines- but done so mindfully in order to keep the piece readable. You can read more about my use of edging techniques in this piece in the Lines&Edges chapter of your subscription. #tattoo #education #tattooeducation #outlines #arttheory

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