Looking for the legendary book
"Reinventing the Tattoo"
by Guy Aitchison?

Many professional tattooers recommend the "Reinventing the Tattoo" book to fellow artists and apprentices. These are heartfelt recomendations because they were likely directly effected by the book., For decades Guy Aitchison has not only been pusing his own art to new extremes, but has dedicated himself to insipring and ecucating tattooers who seek to better themselves every day.

The Reinventing the Tattoo book is out of print., but Guy has dove into evolving the curriculum from what started as an updateable 3 ring binder (innovative for the time!), then sold thousands of copies as a massive printeted book (like the college textbook of tattooing), then transfered the book and DVDs into the digital medium with an online subscription with updating content and dozens of webinars, and now into a community that regularly gathers for live art groups that goes through the lessons and exercises together.

During these live virtual events some artists are learning new things while others are revisiting and understanding concepts and strategies to a greater depth than was possible earlier in their carreer. Everyone working together helps inspire & push the whole community.

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If you are already to jump in and learn with the Reinventing the Tattoo Community:   

Proven Curriculum since the 90s. 

350+ pages,
 hours of videos,
dozens of exercises,
& monthly 
interactive drawing & painting groups.

This is NOT Tattoo School

To be clear, this is not a "learn how to tattoo at home" course. If you are looking for quick tricks and shortcuts around learning responsibly, this is not the place for you.

For over 2 decades, the Reinventing the Tattoo curriculum has helped countless tattooers find their path, prepare for the journey, and hit the ground running (the right direction with the supplies, maps, and attitude needed)! The book was first released in a three-ring binder way back in the nineties, and has blossomed into an interactive online course featuring hundreds of pages of in-depth chapters by artists working in a variety of styles, along with dozens of immersive tutorials and video workshops. This is further supported by the weekly live workshops and group critiques we have on our exclusive Reinventing Live channel where members of all skill levels can brush up on their fundamental drawing skills.

Let's take a peek and show you specifically what Reinventing The Tattoo has to offer...

This isn't like any tattoo seminar/webinar/book that you've experienced. No fluff, no filler, just battle-tested strategies and tactics that you can put to work right away. You will pick up some "low hanging fruit" at first skim, and as you focus, dive deeper and attend the weekly exercises, the lessons will crystalize with time and multiple readings.

350+ pages

Updated regularly, never gets old.

Massive written portion places equal emphasis on design and execution. Guest writers include Nick Baxter, Russ Abbott, Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald, Halo Jankowski, Steve Butcher, Phil Garcia & others.

Videos & Webinars

Instant access to all supporting video material

Including Guy's Technique tutorial, a massive video seminar showing a number of different tattoo effects up close, hours of coverup webinars, four Photoshop tutorial videos, and so much more. From apprentice workshops to master tattoo classes.  


Tried and True learning exercises. Are you doing your art pushups?

A section of the curriculum is dedicated to working in other mediums as part of your overall improvement as an artist and includes video tutorials in both acrylic and oil paint

Group Activities

Join live from your devices

Reinventing is also a system for constant improvement, providing access to feedback, critiques and continuing discussion of core ideas. It's a community of like-minded artists to work with a few times a month on group projects. Think of it like your tattoo workout group...

Free Sample Group Exercise

Reinventing the Tattoo members meet 2-4 times a month for group exercises. These live activities are a way for everyone to work together on a problem or project, and get direct feedback from their peers as well as Guy Aitchison. New exercises are created every week focused on design problems such as contrast, readability, line weight, etc. which can be drawn either digitally or in analog media by participants. Finished pieces are posted so that members can share and compare. We are also hosting regular group critiques and paint jams. Can you think of a better way to stay engaged with the tattoo community?

Success Stories

"I recently had the good fortune to get a sneak peak at Guy Aitchison’s latest brainchild, the digital version of his legendary book “Reinventing the Tattoo”. I quickly realized that this project is far more than an updated digital book. It is, instead, a living, breathing, and constantly growing visual diary of one of the great tattooers of our time. Filled with high quality photos and videos, this product offers tons of tattoo theory and practical advice. It is clear that a lot of work and care went into its development. One of the nicest surprises I found are the growing number of guest chapters written by some of the most progressive and influential artists working today. Want to know how Nick Baxter gets those beautiful textures or how Phil Garcia approaches his photorealistic roses? The answers are in the book.
While this product won’t (and is not intended to) replace a traditional apprenticeship, I believe it is a glimpse of how we will educate artists in the future and how we will continue to raise the standard for tattooing going forward. After all, if a small group of entrepreneurs can transform education in 3rd world countries with an ipad, we can surely teach a small town aspiring artist (with few local opportunities) a skill that will reward her for a lifetime. Be sure to take a look at Reinventing the Tattoo at http://www.reinventingthetattoo.com/
Thanks, as always, for supporting what we do."
- Jake Meeks

But wait, there's more – it's bonus time:

Sign up to Reinventing the Tattoo today and receive access to the first THREE Virtual Tattoo Gathering replays. Seriously, this is dozens of hours of free amazing webinars on demand. Hosted by Guy Aitchison, this series includes seminars, interviews, workshops, and critiques from the likes of Kari Barba, Shawn Barber, Cory Ferguson,  Jon Clue, Nick Baxter, Jo Harrison, Christina Ramos, Jesse Smith, Thea Duskin, Tony Romel, Mike Devries, Steve Butcher, Jake Meeks, Killian Moon, Mat Hurtado, Liz Cook, a panel hosted by @DarkSkinBodyArt, and so much more! Subscribe to Reinventing the Tattoo today and you will receive links to all these on demand replays! 

We hope to see you soon at one of our members-only drawing groups!
- Guy Aitchison

PS: Free Webinar!

PS: If you have made it this far, we really can't thank you enough. But we will try! Here is a FREE webinar replay with one of our very favoritest Tattooers, Ivana. Enjoy the full webinar, then go buy some of her amazing stuff (After signing up for Reinventing, of course, hah).